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Not far from our home in the townland of Drominagh Demesne, in North Tipperary is a small bridge locally referred to as The ‘Mouse House’, the orgins of the name still to be determined! The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage dates the bridge to 1775-1780 and describes it as a toll bridge. It is unusual in having toll collectors’ booths on the top of the bridge. It is described as ‘Triple-arch limestone bridge, built as a toll bridge in 1776, having stone piers at each end of parapet walls and toll collectors’ booths recessed to centre. Rubble limestone stonework with cut stone voussoirs to round arches. Rubble coping stones and with concrete casing to base of piers. Inscribed stone date plaque to booth on east side’.

View of the Mouse House with toll collectors Booth in the centre

Toll Collectors Booth recessed to centre of Bridge. Plaque overhead stating Builder as Richard Biggs

Triple arch limestone construction

A plaque over one of the collector booths states the year in which it was built and by whom, one Richard Biggs, the then owner of Drominagh Demesne.

This bridge was built 1776
Richard Biggs Esq Overseer