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Terryglass in North Tipperary and on the shores of Lough Derg translates as Tir-da-ghlas which Adamnanin in his Life of St. Columba translates Ager-duorum-rivorum, the land of the two streams, The field of two brooks.

There are two Holy wells in Terryglass. One, St Augh’s, known locally as the Eyewell, is located at the quay and was named after the saint who lived there in the 9th Century. It is suggested that the water from this well has curative powers. The second well dedicated to St. Columba, known as the Headache well is located further up the village and as the name implies the water here is reputed to cure migraine.

St. Augh’s Eye Well

St. Augh's Eye Well

Dedication plaque to St. Augh

There is very little reference to St. Augh but it is believed that he was a young man who lodged at Oldcourt as a Royal Scholar. It is believed that he sacrificed his eyes by obeying the cruel demand made by a Danish Chieftain who lived in Slevoir. He subsequently had his eyesight restored as a result of the water from the well. St. Augh’s well is visited by people on four Saturday’s during the month of May between sunrise and sunset by those seeking cures for eye ailments. The old ritual (rounds) begins on the flag facing facing the rising sun and continues on each of the four sides of the well saying the creed and five paters and five aes on each side. When the prayers are completed the eyes are washed with the water from the well. Some small token or offering such as flowers are then left on the nearby bush.