Located within the townland of Kyletombrickane on the road between Borrisokane and Terryglass are the remains of Kyle Park Agricultural School. The school was built in c1843 as one of many agricultural schools established by the Commissioners of Education in the nineteenth century. The patron of the school was Thomas George Stoney of Kyle Park, which is located just across the road to the south-west. In 1843 the Royal Agricultural Society awarded a silver medal to its founder, Thomas George Stoney for his plans and design.The school was only used as an agricultural school up until 1875 and had numerous problems with staffing. The reason it was opened as an agricultural school by the Commissioners of Education was to teach the local farmers’ sons the latest farming methods. Mr. Stoney paid the salary of the agricultural teacher himself. There is still a limestone name and date plaque over the main door with a number of outbuildings to the rear, which form a courtyard.

KylePark Agricultural School

KylePark National Agricultural School 1843

Existing plaque over the entrance to KylePark Agricultural School

After its use an an agricultural school it was utilised as Kylepark National School and was later replaced by a new building further down the road in 1953. Its use as a National school had several different patrons, Masters and Monitors oer the years with the school house capable catering for 80 boys and 70 girls.

The Agricultral School is currently owned by a local woman who is in the process of applying for planning permission from North Tipperary County Council to convert the school into a domestic dwelling. Its wonderful to see that this building will be brought back to its former glory and once again be lived in.



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